More memory, a larger screen and Windows – it is the best. With the Eee PC 900 Asus puts in the “mobility for a small price” to clear and build compared to the model PC 701 4G. In the present form, we are this new Asus model with standard Microsoft software instead of Linux. Bill Gates and his family will be pleased. The operating system is the potters’ Windows XP Home Edition, “office work can be with” Microsoft Works 9.0 “.

Flash memory with 12 GB

Was jazzed decided the basic equipment in the hardware sector. Inside works with the Intel Celeron M 353 in the clock of 900 megahertz although still a relatively weak processor. The split into a 4-Gigagybte large flash disk containing the operating system and 8 GB flash drive for applications.

Asus EeePC 900

The factory-installed Asus programs show it around 1.2 gigabytes. If you need more space, has two options: he can rely on external solutions like USB or SD card – or buy the Linux version of the same device.

Good display

Chosen larger – and thus significantly better than the 701 4G – is the screen: it is now 8.9 inches at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The image is thus easy to read, even if the desktop icons and the font are a bit small. Weight of the device, which still has the size of a hardcover book, brings about a kilo on the scales.

Surfing via mobile phone network

To the network, it comes with a cable or wirelessly via radio with Wi-Fi. A UMTS modem is missing as well as a slot for PC-Card-/Expresscard. Surfing via mobile phone network so do not go for now. Amenities include on ports: three USB times, once VGA (for a big external monitor), microphone and headphone jacks.

Mediocre battery

The battery shows an average performance, not outstanding but still acceptable. Just over three hours in normal mode, when you look at a movie, after about two hours and forty minutes it is over. The Eee PC 900 from Asus is a sensible development of concept, even if it proves costly. As single computer, it is suitable for people who do not need unlimited mobility.


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